How to Cope with a Family Member Who Has Alzheimer’s Disease

No one is ever prepared to receive the news that their loved one has Alzheimer’s. When a loved one is diagnosed, every family member feels the effects. Though you won’t be dealing with the symptoms directly, you may endure sadness or other emotions as a result of watching someone close to you lose their identity and a lifetime of memories. … Read More

Healthcare Meets Companion Care

Albuquerque Senior In-Home Caregiver Helping Out of Bed

Living a fulfilling life and growing older is a beautiful thing, but it can also come with added risks. Age makes us more susceptible to injury and illness, and when a loved one gets hurt or sick, it can be a devastating and alarming wake up call for the family. Being there for your senior can ease your stress, knowing … Read More

What You Can Expect from In-Home Care

Albuquerque In-Home Senior Caregiver Helping Knit

When it comes time for you to start thinking about your loved one’s care, it can be a very challenging decision. It’s often hard to know what option is best for their overall needs and well being. Many questions arise such as: Should I put my loved one in a nursing home? Or, would a long term retirement facility fit … Read More

How In-Home Caregiving Can Help Your Loved One

As we age, losing our sense of freedom and independence is a difficult thing to go through. For so long, your loved one had others rely on them, and the transition of them now needing the help of others can be challenging to face. Many seniors reach a point where daily activities are too daunting to do alone, and their … Read More

Promoting Happiness Through Interactive Care

Seniors are a delight to be around! They shower you with love, and above all else, they share with you their immense wisdom. However, as someone ages, daily activities can become more difficult and the risk of falling or other dangerous accidents become increasingly higher. This sense of independence loss can pose many challenges to your loved one. For some … Read More

Why Choose Comfort Keepers® End of Life Home Care Assistance?

When your loved one is facing the final days of their lives, many family caregivers can become overwhelmed. Not only do many family caregivers deal with their grief and feelings of “how can I ease their discomfort”, but they must also handle the many tasks required to allow their loved one to pass comfortably, in addition to informing family and … Read More

Understanding the Power of Being There

Sometimes the needs of a loved one may require more time and attention than we can offer. A good caregiver understands that your elderly loved one will have many needs in addition to any physical and medical difficulties they may face. For many seniors, losing their sense of independence can be challenging. However, you do have options for your loved … Read More

Medication Management with Your Comfort Keeper®

There are many challenges that seniors face daily when it comes to their care. From feeling like they are losing their sense of independence to having limited mobility, daily activities can become a burden. We understand the many obstacles seniors face, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to help ease some of the stress that comes with aging. … Read More

How Interactive Caregiving™ Can Help

Is your loved one currently struggling with the thought of losing their independence? For many seniors, this can be a difficult process to go through. Not only are they realizing that they cannot do the things they once enjoyed, but for many, the idea of being unable to stay in the comfort of their own home can be devastating. However, … Read More

Why Comfort Keepers® Is the Right Caregiver for Your Parent

With aging comes uncertainty. Many seniors face challenging decisions – should I hire an in-home nurse, do I need assistance preparing meals, should I remain in my own home or choose an assisted living option? It’s not hard to see why most seniors would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own house. After all, there’s no place like … Read More