Better Care Through Interactive Caregiving™ from Comfort Keepers®

Is your loved one facing difficulties living alone? Are you considering alternative care, but are receiving resistance from your loved one because they want to remain in their own home? At Comfort Keepers®, we understand the challenges many family members face when your loved one’s quality of life starts to diminish. With Comfort Keepers® Interactive Caregiving services, your elderly loved … Read More

10 Reasons You Should Choose Being a Comfort Keeper as a Career

Are you looking for a rewarding career? Would you consider yourself a compassionate, patient, creative, and resourceful person? Do you enjoy being around elderly people? You may want to consider a career in caregiving! Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons you should choose caregiving as a career: Help Someone’s Loved One Many times, families struggle with how they can … Read More

Peace of Mind with the Personal Emergency Response System

As we get older the thought of losing our independence may frighten us. We have built our lives through hardships, learning, triumphs, and so much more. Just the thought of having something we cherish, such as our ability to live safely at home, possibly being taken away due to old age is unnerving. If you have a loved one who … Read More

Coping: A Parent with Alzheimer’s & How We Can Help

Dealing with a parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is very challenging. Many questions arise such as, “How soon will the disease affect my loved one?” or “How am I going to take care of them while they are affected by this disease?”, while the answers are not always clear – we are here to help you and your loved one during … Read More