A Day in the Life of a Comfort Keeper

What is it like being a Comfort Keeper®?

On a regular basis, I get asked what it means to be a Comfort Keeper®. People often wonder if being a caregiver in Albuquerque is rewarding or if I am constantly facing obstacles associated with my career. My answer is yes, without a doubt! I love meeting new people and knowing that what I do is truly making a difference in someone’s life. Sure there are challenges, but I believe that’s what makes this career so rewarding! We all experience the effects of aging, and knowing that I’m contributing to the safety and happiness of another human being is truly indescribable.

I typically start the day by putting myself in the perspective of the senior I am working with so I may provide a more personalized level of care. Depending on what the clients enjoys and what their needs are, I plan a day where I can best accommodate their needs as well as their family members’ wishes. As I create a schedule for the day, I try to incorporate appropriate activities that we can enjoy together. Whether it’s listening to their favorite record, taking a gentle stroll through the park, or simply sitting and reminiscing about the past, it’s my goal to provide high-quality care with honest companionship.

Every senior’s needs are different, but a typical day may look something like this:

8:00 am – Good morning greetings
8:15 am – Prepare breakfast
8:45 am – Bathing & grooming
9:30 am – Go over the day’s schedule – make any changes if necessary
9:45 am – Walk to the park or do light exercises in home
10:30 am – Post-exercise resting period
10:30 am – Laundry or other household cleaning chores
11:30 am – Prepare lunch & provide medication reminders
12:00 pm – 12:45 pm – Eat lunch
12:45 pm – Perform an activity of their choosing or go to doctor’s appointments
1:45 pm – Midday nap or resting period
1:45 pm – Continue housekeeping/preparations for dinner if applicable
3:15 pm – Perform memory exercises or other mentally enriching activity
3:45 pm – Run errands with or for the client
4:45 pm – Prepare for departure/prepare dinner if necessary
5:00 – 5:30 pm – Say goodbyes

This is just a rough schedule to gain a general idea of what families can expect for their loved one when in the care of a Comfort Keeper®. Each day greatly varies depending on the individual I am working with. I understand the importance and the hesitations that come along with someone caring for your loved one. I consider it a true honor to be able to help families in need, and provide them with options they may not have thought possible. It is an amazing gift to any senior to be able to remain in the comfort of their own home, and knowing that they are able to do so because of me brings true joy to my heart.

Even though there are challenges that come with the job, for example if the client is feeling ill or is just having a rough day, it’s incredibly rewarding to know that I am able to be their companion through both the good and bad times. To all the families who’ve welcomed me into their lives, I want to say how honored I am to care for your loved one. It’s truly the best job and gift in the world.

Your Albuquerque Comfort Keeper®