Medication Management with Your Comfort Keeper®

There are many challenges that seniors face daily when it comes to their care. From feeling like they are losing their sense of independence to having limited mobility, daily activities can become a burden. We understand the many obstacles seniors face, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to help ease some of the stress that comes with aging. Along with general bathing, meal preparation, and other daily activities, medication is a necessity that is often forgotten about. With Comfort Keepers® Albuquerque in-home senior care, medications will always be handled with great care and attention!

Little Reminders to Help Them Stay Healthy

With the help of our Medication Management services, your loved one can stay on track regarding their daily their medications. For many seniors, it can be difficult to remember which medications need to be taken at which time or if they can take them with or without food. With the help of a Comfort Keeper®, your loved one can receive reminders of when to take their medication or if they need food in their system, and get assistance organizing upcoming medications. With a these little reminders from their Comfort Keeper®, your loved one can maintain their health with reduced stress!

Does My Loved One Need Medication Management or Private Duty Nursing?

Senior Caregiver Helping Elderly Woman Out of BedAre you wondering if medication management will be enough for your loved one? With medication management, your loved one will receive constant reminders about when and how they should take their medications. However, our caregivers will be unable to administer any form of medication. If your loved one is able to take medications on their own, and they simply just need a reminder of when and how to take them, then medication management is right for their needs!

If your loved one needs their medication to be administered and requires other medical care, then having a private duty nurse in tandem with one of our caregivers might be the perfect solution for them! With the assistance of one of our certified RN’s or LPN’s, your loved one will be in good hands. They can also assist in a wide variety of other medical duties such as: administering injections, maintaining colostomy bag or catheter hygiene, tracking oxygen levels, and so much more.

We understand that growing old can sometimes be difficult, but managing your loved one’s health is as easy as having a Comfort Keeper® by their side! If you’d like to learn more about our Medication Management and Private Duty Nursing services, give us a call at: (505) 232-7070