How to Understand and Handle Resistance to Care

As your loved one ages, there are many challenges and emotions they may be facing. Not only do many seniors feel as though they are losing their sense of independence, but the place they call home may also be changing which can make this period in their lives all the more difficult. It’s not uncommon, when faced with the discussion of assisted living, for there to be some push back and reluctance towards the notion. When this happens, the resistance from your loved one may create frustration, as well as confusion about how you should best help your loved one during their time of need. If you are going through this challenging time and aren’t sure about how to best respond and are looking for answers on how to understand your loved one’s side of things, we hope the following advice sheds some light on your situation.

Understanding Resistance
One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re considering senior care for your loved one, is to recognize the sensitive nature of the subject. No one enjoys the feelings that can sometimes be associated with needing extra care, such as dependency, helplessness, and even embarrassment. When the conversation of assistance is brought up, validate their feelings and concerns, let them express their opinions, and calmly address your reasons for why you believe alternative care can be beneficial.

Timing is Critical
If the conversation is not going as planned, don’t force the situation. Instead, be compassionate towards your loved one and their feelings. When your loved one has settled, try asking them to think about all the reasons why you feel senior care is important and kindly ask them if you can discuss this matter further at a later date. This gives both sides time to regroup and really think about what was said during the initial discussion. Timing is really important when it comes to these sometimes uncomfortable conversations.

Allow Your Loved One to Have a Say
During the initial planning stages of finding the right solution for your loved one’s care, allow them to express their concerns. When your loved one feels like they have a say in their care, they are more likely to welcome the idea of having a little extra help around the house. Answer all of their questions about the type of care they’ll be receiving in a detailed and lighthearted tone to provide them peace of mind. If they’re willing, really involve them in the process of choosing a provider—it can help to remind the that they are valued and that their opinions and thoughts do matter.

Don’t Give Up
If your loved one is still reluctant about receiving care after the steps taken above, don’t feel discouraged! Accepting the truths that come with aging is difficult for almost everyone. When appropriate, continue to discuss the benefits of care and be sure to provide your loved one with endless support and reassurance. You can also suggest a trial run for them to get a temporary feel for what assistance care may be like for them, in an effort to show them the advantages of having someone to help around the house.

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